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RPA in Action - Industries Automating their Processes

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RPA in Action - Industries Automating their Processes

RPA can support enterprises across various industries, automate their wide variety of tasks and meet countless benefits including cost-saving, enhanced productivity, customer loyalty, and an error-free environment.

Robotic Process Automation can be applied to any form of rule-based process in a broad range of industries. It includes banking, health care, consumer products, logistics, retail, and more. The subsequent are some real-world use cases of RPA in various sectors:

Use Cases For RPA

RPA in Banking

  • Credit card processing
  • Mortgage processing
  • Account closure process
  • Fraudulent account closing

With an abundant number of account documents for withdrawals, deposits, and other transaction files, the banking sector requires to adopt an effective technology to manage their day-to-day process. While reducing the processing times, RPA solutions can eliminate human errors and support easy access to information that ensures a transparent environment.

RPA in Healthcare

  • Patient registration
  • Provider credential verification
  • Member eligibility and billing
  • Providing clinical documentation

Healthcare industries can benefit from RPA technology over tasks like claims processing, patient scheduling, data entry as well as billing. Due to reducing time spent on these administrative tasks, the healthcare sector dedicates their time to boost patient-provider relationships.

RPA in Customer service

  • Updating client profile
  • Billing customers
  • Updating user preferences
  • Resolving common customer issue

RPA supports getting rid of redundant customer efforts by gathering, analyzing, and sharing details across various channels and platforms without being invasive. RPA elevates customer services by employing bots to mimic human actions. Example processes include sending personalized emails to customers, running regular scans to confirm entire services and systems are running properly, billing customers, updating client profiles, and resolving disputes.

RPA in Insurance

  • Client profile updates
  • Generating renewal premiums
  • Claims processing
  • Underwriting processes

One of the industries that own the greatest to benefit from RPA automation – including the enormous volume of claims requests and activities associated with the review, analysis, and remit claims. RPA allows maintaining a balance in creating profitable businesses while reducing costs and controlling risks.

RPA in Retail

  • Managing complaints
  • Issuing loyalty rewards
  • Processing return authorizations
  • Sending shipping notifications

The progressive convergence of the retail industries offers some compelling chances to implement RPA. Especially, the investments in data analytics, logistics, and supply chain management systems have increased the demand for significant cumbersome process steps that demand manual effort. Besides, the activities like extracting details from the manufacturer’s websites, month-end reporting, and credit reporting can be accomplished well with RPA bots.

RPA in Manufacturing

  • ERP automation
  • Logistic data automation
  • Product pricing comparisons
  • Data monitoring

Manufacturing industries start to shift from manual resources to software robots to assemble, analyze, and pack their products. They are automating their processes with RPA to minimize human errors, reduce the human workforce, and enhance productivity. The automated processes include ERP, logistic data, product pricing comparison, and data monitoring.

Why Choose Skcript for RPA Implementation?

Robotic Process Automation is recognized as the quickest way to improve performance and reduce cost. At Skcript, we can support our customers to formulate and execute their RPA journey. By consolidating industry expertise, knowledge, and the technology of various range of products, we help businesses drive maximum value from their RPA investment. With expertise in RPA & AI technologies, we can promise the best solution for your business needs. Once you chose to adopt RPA solutions for your needs, Skcript can support you to build a customized strategy to guarantee a successful implementation.

Our Key Services

End-to-end service: For automating the Business Process as well as the IT operations.

Defining strategies: For continuous improvement, implementation, automation, integration & support.

Customization: Developed accelerators for every lifecycle phase that can be customized to suit customer requirements

Flexible support services: End-to-end delivery & support with flexible support services from product specialists

Enterprise-wide RPA efforts: Experience to manage enterprise-wide RPA efforts with our proven Center of Excellence framework

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